Garmin Import and Export Waypoints using SD Card and Home Port



WHEN USING AN SD CARD FOR IMPORTING OR EXPORTING WAYPOINTS TO YOUR GARMIN, A 2-GB up to 16-GB SD CARD IS HIGHLY SUGGESTED FOR THIS PROCESS.  In some cases, users find they can only use from 2GB to 8GB card for waypoint import and export from your computer. Most new models are ok with any card, but some older model Garmin GPS REQUIRE THE USE OF ONLY a 2-GB SD CARD FOR THIS PROCESS. In any case, try what you have and be sure you SD card adapter is set to the “unlocked” position..

We now offer SD cards mailed to your door with our Fishing Spots, installed ready for your GPS! Do you want an sd card sent to you with your new fishing spots installed ready for your Garmin GPS? We now offer this service for Garmin, Lowrance, Simrad, Raymarine SD Card Models and Humminbird GPS models.! Have a preloaded SD card mailed to your door, ready to use with the fishing spots you have already purchased from any of our websites. —-It’s only an additional $29.99..! Email us and include your contact information, ONLY if you have already purchased pro level fishing spots from any of our websites. Contact us here for the link to purchase a Preloaded SD card or email direct at 


All late model Garmin GPS models require the Garmin SDM Waypoint Format. Garmin Homeport accomplishes this for you and lists all your waypoints and fishing spots. Garmin Homeport can easily load any fishing spots to your own SD card using the free Garmin Homeport Software with your SD card using the new Garmin ADM Waypoint format. These models include the following, but not limited to SD Card Late Models: Garmin 400, 500 series (all), All Garmin DV models, Garmin 4000 series, Garmin 5000 series, Garmin 7000 series, Garmin 8000, All 12-15 series displays, Garmin 700-740-740sx, 741, Garmin 741S, 800 and 800S and newer that accept an SD Card or Micro SD Card.

OUT OF DATE GARMIN MODELS USING THE OLD GARMIN GDB FORMAT If you need to transfer or import and export waypoints from your older model Garmin 492, Garmin 2010, Garmin 3010, Garmin 3006, Garmin 3206, Garmin 3210 and others, see the Garmin List of older GPS Maps Here.

Garmin HomePort Waypoint SoftwareIf you have purchased any of our fishing Maps and need the use of Garmin HomePort for waypoint management or to get fishing spots to your Garmin GPS, download Garmin HomePort free from Garmin’s website here.

Step by Step Instructions on how to loading fishing spots for SD card into Garmin Homeport

Steps to Load Garmin Waypoints to Garmin Home Port ADM File Format

1. Save your GPX Fishing file(s) on your desktop. Be sure your SD Card is NOT in your computer yet.

2. Open garmin home port.

3. In home port, select FILE>>, then IMPORT.

4. Find the GPX file on your desktop that you saved and select them (one area at a time) to import.

5. All the GPX waypoints Fishing Spots should now be on Garmin homeport.

6. On the left side column, you should see “My Collections”, and your Fishing Spots Name file should be listed underneath there.

7. Now, just to be sure number 6 is complete, you should see the fish icons in your
fishing area on the map itself. Don’t worry if there is no map detail like depths, but you
need to see a “blob” of fishing spots, and then we’re ready.

8. Now, leave home port open and insert the BLANK SD card into the computer. Home port will know you have done this and will show yet another box and column underneath
your collections on the left side. It will probably just say “Media or Media Card” with a folder named “untitled” underneath it. This is normal.

9. From your “My Collections” area, LEFT CLICK AND HOLD LEFT CLICK WHILE DRAGGING DOWN the Files (one at a time) down to the memory card area slowly and carefully directly over the “untitled” folder, then simply release the left click button on top of the “untitled” folder. IMPORTANT NOTE: When you release your left click, you should see a very small green progress bar show up for a few seconds (look for it, it’s important to see this) as the fishing spots are transferred to your SD card.. If you did not see the small progress bar show, repeat the process above. Note: Most times when the file is dragged from your collections to the SD card, it is put into the “untitled” folder. (If Home Port prompts you to create a new file during this process, you may do so to rename the file, but if does not, simply use the ‘untitled” folder.


Your Fishing Spots Waypoints should now be on your SD and are now
saved as Garmin ADM files and are ready to load into your Garmin GPS unit. Insert the SD into your
Garmin and follow the on screen instructions and use option to “merge from card” or “copy from card”. Then, remove the card and your spots should be in your waypoints list and showing on your GPS Map screen.

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