Import or Transfer Waypoints from Computer to SD Card and GPS

GPS Help – Import and Export Waypoints and Fishing Spots to SD Card and GPS
import-waypoints-to-gps-from-sd-cardGet help with transfer or import waypoints and waypoint files from your computer to SD card. You can then use the SD card to load or import waypoints into your GPS on most late model GPS Units. Below, you will see links for information about waypoint import and export waypoint files from your computer to SD card. And, Waypoints from your SD Card to your GPS including; Garmin GPS, Raymarine GPS, Lowrance GPS, Simrad NSS GPS and Humminbird GPS that accept an SD Card to transfer waypoints and Fishing spots.


Transfer Waypoints to your Raymarine GPS using SD Card Instructions for Raymarine GPS Models c95/c97/c125/c127/e7/e7D/e95/e97/e125/e127 

Garmin GPS Import Waypoints to SD Card, Export and Import with Garmin Homeport and SD Card for Garmin GPS

Humminbird GPS Import Waypoints from SD Card

Lowrance GPS Waypoint Transfer Waypoints from SD Card

Transfer Waypoints to older Garmin GPS using the Garmin USB Programmer, Garmin MapSouce and Garmin Data Card.